Our Approach

The History

For 20+ years, robotic telescopes in education have been the subject of many programs which have come and gone over the years. Long-term sustainability has yet to be achieved however we are now at a point in technological development and global communication abilities where sustainable programs can be developed and implemented.

Our Story

The Motivation

During informal discussions, many scientists, educators and telescope operators have jumped at the opportunity to connect with each other at a central location. ASTROCOM is seen as a resource where everyone can find research projects and connect their students with remote robotic telescopes.

Our three communities

There are three broad communities that ASTROCOM tries to bring together.

ngc5128 - Ebony Hamlin


Formal, Informal and Amateur

K-12 Teachers, Museum Programs, Out-of-School Programs, In dependant Students and more ....



Small Single Scopes to Large Networks

8" Dobsonians with visual observing, 12" Goto Telescopes with DSLRs, 24" ex-Research Telescopes with custom spectrographs, Global Networks of many telescopes and more....

M20 Liam CalagaroYr92


Professional, Amateur and in-between

Double-star observers, asteroid rotation watchers, explosive variable star voyeurs, colour magnitude diagram cataloguers, archival data miners and more....


Joining the community is as simple as clicking the button on the right and requesting an account.